• Dessault Falcon Aircraft Sales
    As your exclusive sales agents, we integrate several aspects of the sale of our client's aircraft.  Starting with a comparative value analysis based on actual market transactions, we design and execute a targeted marketing campaign to sell the aircraft in a timely manner for its maximum value.
  • Pilot Services
    Our pilots have flown all over the world in all types of weather and terrain. We use the latest performance technology to enable our operators to go where others can't. This enables us to say yes when others say no. All of our pilots are professionally trained at world recognized facilities and prepare for multiple emergencies in the most difficult terrain and weather. Our experience and training will give you, your employees, and family the confidence to enjoy your flight no matter what the destination and weather conditions.
  • Aircraft Purchasing
    If you are considering the purchase of an aircraft, as your exclusive agent, we present our experience and extensive knowledge of the market.  From helping to determine the type of aircraft to be purchased, to selection of the specific aircraft, its contracting, inspection, and its delivery, we guide and protect the buyer through the entire purchasing process of the aircraft.
  • Aircraft Management
    We also offer a turnkey aircraft management program in which we handle everything related to the day-to-day management of your aircraft, saving you time and money. You'll be able to fly your aircraft whenever you want, while enjoying everything else our turnkey aircraft management program offers.

Welcome to Intergroup Aircraft

Intergroup Aircraft specializes in Aircraft Sales, Management, Consulting, Acquisition, Appraisals, and Pilot Services. Our network of Pilots, Mechanics, Appraisers, and Sales people, make Intergroup Aircraft your turn key aviation company. No matter what type of aircraft you own or may be looking to buy or sell we can walk you through each step of the process. Our staff and partners have decades of experience in their field and can help you or your company in the area that you may need us.

When it comes to buying or selling an aircraft you need to know your aircraft is the best hands. Our team of aviation professionals is ready to provide expert advice on equipment selection, acquisition, aircraft management, aircraft maintenance, insurance procurement, financing, flight crew selection, flight training, and any other detail related to the acquisition or sale of an aircraft. At Intergroup Aircraft we can help you to make your flight department an economical and enjoyable asset for you, your clients, and your family.